Request for Evidence

Majority of H1B employers saw a request for evidence in 2019.  When USCIS finds H1B peittions as approvable but there is insufficient supporting documentation to approve the H1B petition, it sends our a request for evidence asking for additional documentation.  A response is required within a time period of 30/60/90 days failing which the petition will be denied.

An appropriate and timely response must be provided in order to obtain h1b approval.  Consider using this space to introduce your page. Just click to add your own content.

Requests for evidence commonly require the following proof:

Specialty Occupation

USCIS frequently requires that the employer establish that the H1B occupation is a qualifying occupation. "Specialty occupation" means an occupation requiring bachelor's or higher college degree involving highly specialized knowledge.

Wage level:

either that the wages paid the employee are too low and the position deserves higher compensation.

Employer employee relationship:

Many consultancy services place the employee with a client, must establish that the employer manages and controls the employee.

Employer is not exempt:

Exempt employers are institutions of higher educations, non-profit or other institutions including affiliated or related institutions.

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