H-3 Trainee Visa

H-3 Trainee

Trainee Visa is a powerful way to invite to the United States and train a candidate for a job abroad. There is no numerical limit for trainee visa. It excludes foreign medical graduates training. Trainee visa category is a lesser known but a highly useful visa category.

What It Does

Trainee visa is a great way to promote employer’s global presence by training staff in the United States for placement abroad.


  • Similar training is not available abroad in trainee’s home country.
  • Training would benefit the foreign national.
  • Trainee would return abroad upon completion of the program.
  • Trainee cannot be displacing U.S. workers.

Trainee visa is not a way to offer productive employment to the foreign national in the United States.

Training Plan

H-3 training plan is essential to approval of this visa.  Training plan should include details of time, place and manner of training, work experience to be gained, supervision, remuneration.  A structured plan is necessary part of this program.  Your lawyer should closely work with you and guide how you could design and develope the training program that fulfils the requirements for the trainee visa.


2 years


Spouse and dependent children can qualify to accompany or follow.

H-3 Special Education Exchange Visitor Training

H-3 Special education visitor training visas are subject to numerical limit. 50 such visas are available each Fiscal Year. Special education exchange visitor visa is to come to the United States to obtain practical training and experience in teaching children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.


Institution or facility with a well-developed special education training program and staff can sponsor a qualified candidate to participate in its training program.
A qualified candidate for special education exchange visitor training must possess or nearing completion of a bachelor or higher degree in or possess extensive training and experience teaching, in special education.

Period of Stay

18 months


Spouse and dependent children can qualify for H-4 non-immigrant visa.

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